Solna is  free, and was built that way to give every freelancer and entrepreneur  the chance to get started with the functionality they need, before having to worry about paying for software.

Solna operates on a ‘freemium’ model. This means that you will always have access to a free version on Solna, albeit with limited features compared to our premium plans.

Click here to find out which features are available within the various plans.

Premium Plans

If you’ve received a discount code, you’ll be able to claim it when signing up to one of our premium price plans. 

  • Login to your account or sign up via the home page

  • Click on the Settings icon on the top right of your dashboard screen

  • In Settings click on the Subscription section

  • Choose the plan you’d like to apply the discount to

  • Click on the redeem promo code link and enter your code

  • Click on Apply and your discount will come into effect.

Currently, discounts cannot be entered retroactively, but if you have questions with please contact us at support@solna.io

Applying Coupons

Your billing date will depend on the date you subscribed as well as the the frequency cycle selected ( monthly or yearly). 

You can easily view your next payment date via the Settings --> Subscription page.

Purchase of Solna’s premium plans can be made using any major credit card or debit card. Our billing partner Stripe handles all payment request and ensures that your card details are safe and secure.

To ensure successful payment set up, please ensure your card meets the following criteria:

  • Cards must be a revolving account with a line of credit

  • The billing address entered must match the billing address in your credit card or debit card statement

  • For international customers, ensure your card accepts foreign transactions.

Note: We will be adding more payment methods in the near future  (Direct Debit, ACH)

If you get an error message when entering your card information, please follow these basic troubleshooting steps:

  • Verify that the billing address matches the billing address on your card statement

  • For international customers, verify your card has permission to accept foreign charges

  • Verify your card is not a prepaid card

Should your continue to experience problems, please contact us at support@solna.io

Yes, but these are primarily available via to our partners, or on one off promotional days. To be notified of our next discount, you will need to to be subscribed to our newsletter.


All our premium plans offer free trials, designed to give you the chance to understand and experience all the features before committing to a premium plan. 

When your trial ends, you’ll have the option to upgrade to a premium plan, or remain on our Free plan. Any data you created using the premium features will remain on the system.

You can turn on your free trial within the application.

Activating a free trial

  • In app (Click on the  icon)
  • From within the subscription pages (Settings --> Subscription)

Absolutely! Even better, Solna comes with a basic free plan so you’ll always be able to send invoices (limited functionality) no matter what.

Click here to see our plans.

If you go over your plan’s limits, you’ll be notified in-app and via email so you can take the appropriate actions. 

You have the option to try the premium features on free trial, or if you’re ready, upgrade to a higher plan and enjoy the awesome features on offer.

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