Online Payments (Stripe)

Questions on related to Stripe

Yes, the but the fees vary depending on what card your customers uses. 

  • You can find Stripe's fees here
  • Stripe transfers funds to your account on a 7day rolling basis.
  • You bear the cost of the fees (not your customer). i.e. If you invoice your customer £100 (VAT included), then you will get £100 - Stripe fees into your bank account.

Note: Solna doesn't take any mark up on the fees unlike other invoicing platforms.

You can learn more about the advantages of Stripe + Solna here 

It's super simple process that takes a few minutes.

Set up Stripe in minutes, save hours chasing payments

  1. Click into your settings menu (top right hand corner)
  2. Click on Online Payments and then 'Set Up Payment'.
  3. Either create a new Stripe account or login your existing account in order to sync up both accounts.
  4. Once synced, you'll be able to have your clients pay your directly from the invoices your send them (Client Invoice Portal)

Once you've linked your Stripe & Solna accounts, you'll be able to have them pay you online and reduce the time it takes you to get paid.

You can grab an invoice payment link in the following manner.

New Invoices

  1. Create & Send an Invoice
  2. On the 'Email Preview' screen - click on the 'Invoice Link' to copy the unique link to your clip board.

Existing Invoices:

  1. On the Invoice List screen click withing an invoice (receive payment)
  2. Click on 'View' and copy the link within the URL toolbar.

You can now send this link directly to your customer via email, what app or any email or messaging client.  It's worth noting that your customer will automatically get a link the first time you send them an invoice.

After you’ve received your first order, your first payout on Stripe will initiate and post to your account within 7 days. Payout schedules depend on the country you’re based in. 



Solna can help you with connecting Stripe to Solna and general integration questions.   Common questions include:

  • How do I connect my Stripe account with Solna?
  • Are there fees associated with using Stripe? 
  • How long does it take for the money to get to my account when using Stripe?


You can reach out to Stripe for questions around bank payouts, fraud, declines, disputes, and general payments processing. You can contact them directly from within your Stripe Dashboard.