Invoice Reminders

Freelancers and small business have a lot to do in the day-to-day running of their business. Chasing invoices shouldn’t be one of those things. Solna automatically chases payments for you, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Solna is smarter invoicing for smart companies. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the following manner.

  • User Experience: Clean, simple and uncluttered design. User Experience is key for us, and we’ve developed a product that is both intuitive and functional, thereby allowing you to focus the majority of your time on your business.
  • Better Features: Solna takes standard invoicing functionality and pushes it to the limit to give you all the tools you need to get paid faster. The solution comes with 5 beautifully customisable templates, the ability to track exactly who has viewed or paid your invoice, and the ability to automate your credit control (invoice chasing), saving you countless hours.
  • Intelligence: Solna is the only invoicing platform that combines invoicing with your customer’s credit risk and industry comparisons, allowing you to know at all times the likelihood of a particular customer paying you



Invoice Reminders

Unlike other invoicing solutions, Solna tracks exactly who has viewed your invoices—and not just simply if it’s been viewed or not. This enables you to take the appropriate actions with your customers in the event of late or non-payment.

This information is available in multiple locations:

  • Invoice list
  • Customer invoice screen
  • Reports

Track how's viewed your invoices

Invoice List:


Reminders are automatically stopped when: (a) your customer makes a full payment via the online portal, (b) you manually indicate your customer has paid you in Solna, or (c) you manually turn off reminders for that invoice.