Credit Scores & Limits

We’ve partnered with a leading UK credit bureau to provide you the most up to date credit data. Find out more about our credit data and what the credit scores mean below.

We receive updates every week from Companies House (UK) and our credit agency partners.

We partner with best in class UK credit and company reference partners to obtain SME credit scores.

The Credit Score ranks companies by their likelihood of becoming insolvent, allowing you to make more insightful decisions regarding what to do with a particular invoice. A company does not only have a rating, but it can also be compared with other businesses of the same industry or other similarly sized entities.

Credit Scores & Limits:

A company's credit limit is the recommended amount you should look to invoice your customer at any one time. It’s worked out using that company’s credit score and, depending on their financial health, their credit limit (and score) can go up or down.

It is estimated using the ‘Risk Weighting’ and key balance sheet figures for companies that file accounts, but estimated using other non-financial information for companies which do not.

Solna aggregates data from publicly available sources (Companies House, Google, Twitter, etc.) and credit reference agencies, so we recommend that you alter your company data at the source.

If you would like to contest data, please send us an e-mail at info@solna.io.

Yes, your customers will NEVER know you ran a credit check on them.

Solna pulls in company data and credit data from third-party sources to augment your invoicing and give you a better understanding about your customers. The various different colours indicate your customer’s (or your) current credit score as defined by the credit reference agencies.

  • Grey Bars: No credit score or credit limit for this company currently exists. This could be due to multiple factors, i.e., the company is newly incorporated and the credit reference agencies haven’t had time to build up a credit score for this company.
  • Green Bars: Low Risk
  • Orange Bars: Moderate Risk
  • Red Bars: High Risk