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Solna helps you understand yours, as well as your customers' creditworthiness by giving you access to credit score and credit limit data within the platform.

Solna allows you to view your customers' credit score/limit so that you are better able to understand their creditworthiness, mitigate risk and plan ahead. This is important when deciding the payment terms you’d like to provide them. For example, if a customer is ‘High Risk’, you may want to ask for some of the funds upfront.

Your own company’s credit data

You can view your own company credit score by clicking on your company logo on your dashboard. 

Knowing your business credit score may be more important than you think: your company credit score is one of the key things other companies will use to make a decision about you. Having a strong credit score can help you access the right financing for your business during tough times, avoid any unpleasant surprises, and help you build your score and plan ahead.

You can view your customers’ credit scores and limits in the following manner:

  1. Via a customer's credit tab

  2. Via a customer’s icon avatar

  3. Via the customer list

Credit tab:

  1. Click on Customers on the left-hand navigation

  2. Click into a particular customer profile

  3. On the customer’s profile, click on the Credit Risk tab

You’ll be presented with both the customer’s credit score and their credit limit. 

Customer list:

Icon avatar:

  1. Hover over any company's avatar to highlight their credit score.

The credit limit is the suggested amount of credit you provide your customer with at any given moment. There are numerous factors that influence the credit limit, but mainly it is the company's Credit Risk Score (likelihood of insolvency), the company type and the amount of information filed at Companies House (UK).

This data is sourced from our credit agency partner and is updated as soon as new information is made available. To find out more about when we update our credit data, click here.

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