Invoice Reminders

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Solna allows you to set up invoice reminders simply. That way we do the chasing, so you can focus on other things.

An invoice reminder is an automatic email message (with the invoice attached) to remind your customer that an invoice is due or that it is overdue. 

This is a great way to stay on top of reminding your customers. Once you've sent the invoice, you'll have the option to send a reminder or you can turn them on by default. 

To set up reminders for invoices:

  1. Click on the + (Create) icon and select reminders, or alternatively you can access reminders from your settings.

  2. Flick the switch to turn on reminders globally. You’ll have the ability later on to turn them on or off by individual invoices.  

  3. Use the toggle to switch reminders on and off for each of the times that are available before and after the due date. 

You can modify each reminder text to fit your tone of voice and company brand.

If you want to globally disable reminders, then return to this screen and use the toggle to turn off reminders.