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Solna allows you to share invoices with your customers in the following manner:

  • Download as a PDF

  • Send to your customers through the platform

  • Share a link

To share a link to an online invoice:

  1. Create an invoice
  2. Click on Save and share link

You can send invoices immediately after they are created or save them for sending later. 

When an invoice has been created and saved, but not sent, it is available in the Invoices dashboard listed under Open invoices. To open an invoice for further editing or to send it, go to the Invoices dashboard and click anywhere on the invoice summary information to open the invoice.

When an invoice is completed and ready to send, click Save and send.

Every invoice is sent with an accompanying email. Solna takes care of the main administration of creating an email, which you can edit and personalise easily.

  1. Check the recipient. Solna automatically selects the main contact you have set up for a client. You can easily add more recipients, and/or remove this main recipient. 

  2. You can BCC the email to anyone you choose—just click BCC and add recipients. Note that BCC’d emails cannot be tracked.

  3. Check the Subject line. This is automatically created, and you may wish to change it.

  4. Check the body. Add any additional text you want to add into the main body of the email. Remember—this is what the recipient will see.

  5. Check the invoice. On the left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see your invoice. You can expand this to full screen using the arrow icon above the invoice. You can also:

  • Change the theme; Solna provides a range of different theme designs to choose from
  • Download your invoice as a PDF for local storage
  • Print your invoice to a local printer
  1. Send (or save). Click Send to send the invoice right away, or click Save and send to keep the invoice for later.

Invoice Preview

You can delete an invoice in the following manner:

Invoices List:

  1. Navigate to the Invoices List

  2. Select and check the invoice you’d like to delete

  3. Click on the 'delete' icon

Customer Screen:

  1. Navigate to a particular customer

  2. Click on the Invoices tab

  3. Select and check the invoice you’d like to delete

  4. Click on the 'delete' icon

Note: Deleting invoices is a permanent action and cannot be undo.

One of Solna’s unique features is that we give you the ability to track exactly who has viewed your invoice and when. 

This provides you with great context/insights if you ever have to chase your customers for late payments. To view the activity on an invoice, you have the following options*:

Invoices List

  1. Navigate to the Invoices List

  2. Hover over the 'Viewed by' column or click the 'Receive payment' link on the invoice in question

Activity Feed

Insights (Reports)

  1. Navigate to the Insights (reports) section

  2. Hover over the Viewed by column on the invoice in question

* You must have sent at least one invoice to a customer via Solna.

Once you have created invoices in Solna, they will be saved so you can return to them and view them at any time. 

You can manage invoices in the same way as you would manage documents on your computer—you can copy, download, print and even delete them. 

Download an invoice

If you like to save invoices on your own computer, as well as keeping them within Solna, you can easily download any invoice as a PDF. 

  1. Find the invoice you want to download by searching for it under Invoices on your dashboard. 

  2. Open the Save and Send window by clicking Save and send right at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Click the download icon in the left-hand preview to download a PDF copy of the invoice.

Download all invoice information

You might want to get detailed information about all the financial data managed in Solna for use in other ways. For example, you might want to run a detailed analysis of income that goes beyond the complex analysis that Solna allows you to do. 

It is possible to download all your invoice data from Solna as a .CSV file, which can then be imported into a spreadsheet for your own analysis and use. 

  1. Go to View all sales on your Dashboard. 

  2. Look for the Export All button on the row immediately above the list of open invoices. 

  3. Click Export All, and your invoices will be exported into a single .CSV file that is automatically downloaded.

Print an invoice

If you like to keep hard copies of your invoices, it is easy to print them from within Solna. 

  1. Find the invoice you would like to print by searching for it on your Invoices dashboard and selecting it.

  2. The right-hand edit screen will be displayed.

  3. Click on the print icon.