Solna allows you to customize your invoice to match your company’s brand, or alternatively you can select from 5 beautifully designed templates. 

To do this, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to Settings > Custom Template > New invoice Template

  2. Select from one of the 5 templates to start, and then customise to fit your needs/brand

  3. Enter an invoice name and click on the ‘default’ checkbox if you wish to set the template as default.

  4. Click on Save

Accessing Invoice Customisation & Templates

You can access any invoices you’ve created when you send invoices.

Customising your invoices:

From with the invoice template section in your settings, you'll be able to create bespoke invoice templates to match your companies brand. 

  1. Click on New Invoice Template
  2. Select a base theme you'd like to modify
  3. Change the main and text color to match your businesses brand.
  4. Select a font that best matches your out going comms and company brand.
  5. Optional: Edit the outgoing email template you want associated with this template.
  6. Name your template and save it.

You'll be able to select this template once you send out your invoice.