When your invoices are paid, you can tell Solna so that it knows the state of your cash flow and can make the most out of all the information. 

In the event your customers paid you using Solna’s online payment portal (via Stripe), then your invoice will automatically be marked as paid or partially paid.

Record payments manually

To let Solna know that a payment has been received, simply find the right invoice and mark it as paid.

  1. On your Dashboard, click View all invoices 

  2. Find the relevant invoice by:

    • Clicking on the Customer box and finding the relevant customer; then scroll through all their invoices

  • Click Receive Payment by the invoice, and a new side box will slide into view. You can now manually enter payments received:

    • Enter the amount in the box, taking care to put the decimal point in the right place

    • Use the drop-down box to select the right account to credit the payment to 

    • Click date and select the payment date. Make sure you enter the date that the payment cleared into your account (this might be different from today’s date)

    • Click the payment method and select the method that was used

    • If you have a reference number for the payment that you would like to record, enter it in the Reference box

    • Make use of the notes area to record any additional information about the payment

  • Click Save and close to save all the information about this payment

Once this information is entered into Solna, it will be used to help produce information not only about your own income and payments due, but also about individual payees such as:

  • Which are your most regular and lucrative customers

  • Which are good payers and which need nudging

You can use this information to, for example:

  • Help you target sales more efficiently

  • Work out the best customers for discounted offers

  • Set different payment terms that are appropriate to different customers

It’s worth noting that Solna is built to be as flexible as possible, which means you can always change the payment dates for manual entries. 

Record Payments Automatically (Stripe)

All payments retrieved via Stripe will automatically be marked as paid by the system. There is no need to make manually adjustments.