There are several ways to add customers in Solna:

Add a customer from the global create icon (top right-hand corner):

  1. Click on + (Create) and select Customer

  2. Enter your customer’s company name through Solna search to automatically pull through their details, or enter this information manually

Add a customer from within an invoice:

  1. From within an invoice, click in the customer field and enter the name 

  2. You can search Companies House (UK) for the customer or type in your customer’s details manually

  3. Enter a contact email and click on Save and close

Note: Solna will automatically check the Companies House (UK) database and list all matches it finds. There is no need to enter the full company name; Solna will search on what was typed, and you can scroll through all the matches we find.

  • If the company is in the Companies House (UK) database, locate the appropriate company in the list provided, click it to select, and then click Add. After a short wait, while we retrieve data from Companies House (UK), the company will be added.

  • If you have typed the full name and the company is not retrieved from the Companies House (UK) database, click Add manually and enter the company details.

  • Additional details:

    • Website: We will use this to provide a shortcut to the company website from within Solna. We also use your customer’s domain to pull in additional rich data (logo, social handles, etc.).

    • Contacts: For each person within the organisation who needs to receive invoices, enter a first name, last name and email address. To add more contacts, click Add Another. Further contacts are easily added later.

    • Information: This includes general information about the company.

      • Add the VAT Number if it is known. It will help with automatic calculation of VAT and we will include the number automatically in invoices we produce.

      • Company type 

      • Description 

    • Communication: Enter any useful ways to communicate with the company.

    • Business address: If a company has been added from the Companies House (UK) database, then the business address should be automatically added. If there is a different registered address, unclick Registered address is the same as business address to add the registered address.

    • Financial: What is entered here will be used later in invoices.