Within Solna, a Customer is anyone you might issue an invoice to, provide a service to, or sell a product to. A Customer may be a business or an individual. Solna pulls company information from Companies House (UK) to ensure this process is fast, downloading the relevant credit risk data associated with that customer. If you can’t find your customers via Solna’s automatic search tool, you can easily create a customer manually.

When you open up a customer screen, you see the following screens:

  • Invoices

  • Reminders

  • Credit Risk

  • Overview

  • Settings 

  • Notes

How to view your customers invoices, credit scores, invoice reminders and settings (video)

Invoices: This screen lists all the open or overdue invoices you have with a particular customer.

Credit Risk: This screen showcases your customer’s credit score and credit limit. Small business owners know that getting paid on time and maintaining a healthy cash flow are fundamental for the survival of a business. This screen enables you to know who you’re getting into business with and will give you the necessary information to mitigate late payments and defaults.

Overview: This screen contains important company information such as: address, telephone, primary contact and the company status.

Settings: This screen allows you to set custom settings for a particular customer as default (e.g., Payment Terms).

Notes: This screen allows you and your team to create notes for a customer, and displays the notes as well.

Customer overview

Customer List