Solna is designed to help you manage information about all your customers, so that you can:

  • Keep all customer information up to date easily.

  • Share access with people across your organisation so they all have access to the right information.

  • Know who to contact for what within each of your customers.

Solna integrates with Companies House (UK) and credit agencies so that when you enter a new customer, as much information as possible is automatically collected. Furthermore, if we have your customer’s website, or you manually input it, we will automatically pull through additional rich data: Logo, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn details. 

By using Solna to manage your customers, you can see at a glance how efficient they are at paying invoices. With this information you can, for example:

  • Offer encouragements and discounts to your best customers.

  • Keep track of customers that consistently pay late—so it is easier to take action.

It is easy to edit existing information and add new information about companies further down the line, so it is easy to keep everything up to date.